For our climate changing times!

a group of people on stage with their hands up

ENDANGERED! A sunny day At the Zoo

Til Superstorm Beyoncé hits NYc!

Epic flood! Impending doom!

A Kid reporter & Famous endangered animals from around the world!

Meeting, Learning, coming together

To Build a bridge…To reach Higher Ground…To save us all!

* * *

A multi-cultural, multi-species story

of awakening… to the truth

About climate chaos, its causes

And worldwide effects & impacts!

We’re all endangered! Not just animals

And it’s time to act!

* * *

Endangered! Ran for a ground breaking 6 months as the first Broadway or off broadway musical about global warming and its impact on habitat loss and destruction and the real plight of endangered species.

It is an historic urgent call to action to save life on earth

for future generations!

* * *

World renowned experts on endangered species praised endangered as the best thing they’ve ever seen

in terms of conveying vital illuminating knowledge in a highly entertaining and accessible manner

the poster for the endangered the musical and the endangered climate talkback series
a woman in a white costume standing next to a man in a green suit
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a man standing on a stage with his arms outstretched
a group of people posing in front of a poster for enchanted the musical
a group of people standing on stage on a stage
a tv screen showing a storm surge warning

To take action with ENDANGERED!

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